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Friends only. [Friday,
March 6th 2020 8:48]
Interesting entries will mainly be friends only.

Made myself. Please do not steal.
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August 12th 2007 1:07]
chris and ste like to suck each others willies. cos they are gayssss.
oh no.
ste keeps tickling my foot. i dont like it.
chris threw half a fkin can of beer in my face! WTF?!?!?!
Should i beat him up? Or make him sleep on the floor tonight?
Or both?
I'm thinking both.

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Stolen from pumpkinsoup :D [Tuesday,
June 12th 2007 9:24]
1. Open your Winamp/iTunes.
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your friends guess who the artists are.

Play! :D

What's the worst that could happen?Collapse )

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May 31st 2007 10:41]
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May 11th 2007 11:18]
Am writing this from an x-ray room. Haha super cool. I could irradiate myself right now...
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PRETTY CIGS! [Thursday,
March 1st 2007 5:30]
[ mood | bored ]

Yes, yes smoking IS bad. But pretty smoking makes it wayyyy better right? Right.

Plus people just broken up have to smoke cos it's like the rules.

So I got pretty cigs! Aaaand some cherry cigs! OMG THEY SMELL SOOO NICE. I haven't dared smoke one yet cos I don't wana ruin the loveliness. Think will take pretty ones to uni tomorrow for drinking in Bradford. Then smoking can be sexy-ish. Hm.

Pictures of Colourful Fags...Collapse )

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Hanna says: [Sunday,
February 25th 2007 12:43]
Hanna loves amy!!!!! amy is the greatest gurlie ever and needs tatake hanna ta c fall out boys! (hanna wil be eternally greatfull! A also need ta be taken to da pubby wiv amy! A hope ur happy nd not dpressed and wanted ta slit her rists like she sed sum pl, say on here! A love uuuuu xxx and u can show me how ta do a thingy on th9is 1 wen a a bit less drunk xxx MWA love a loads xxxx
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Uniiiiiiiiiiiiiii [Monday,
February 19th 2007 1:20]
[ mood | bored ]

Am on my lunch break at uni at the moment. We finished reeeeally early for the morning so have an hour and 40 minutes for lunch.... with nothing to do.
We have been obsessively myspazzing and now am eljaying... can you tell I'm bored?

Physics this ay-em. Sucks! And I got told off for talking without realising lol. Oops! Lecturer can NOT teach to save her life. She is literally reading at us from a book. Helpful.

More crappo this afternoon no doubt.

Am going to smoke my troubles away now methinks. (Tobacco... not weed [unfortunately :P])

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Posting from Gizmo [Tuesday,
February 13th 2007 9:25]
I'm incredibly bored so decided downloading the LJ talk thing was a good idea. Think posting whilst actually on livejournal is easier and prettier though... hm.

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February 13th 2007 8:40]
Today I "accidentally" slept in and missed Uni... afternoon lectures were cancelled anyways. Good stuff.

Took Oli shopping! He is a child that wants to wear mans trainers. He is size 5 and they all start at size 7! Was hella difficult getting some but they're very nice and lovely. And got him jeans at GAP. Even though he refused to go in at first because it would mean he was "gay and proud". Silly me...

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Sleepy smiles. [Monday,
February 12th 2007 11:09]
Guess who is learning to drive?
Guess who drove down a main road yesterday for the first time! After one driving lesson!?
Guess who did that in her own cheap but cheerful BRIGHT red N reg Ford Fiesta...?

AnswersCollapse )

In other news, saw hellogoodbye last week.. awesomeness. Last night saw Gym Class Heroes. FKIN ACE. Srsly.
I love them more than hellogoodbye *scandal*

I hate valentines day. I am soo poor. I bought Chris lager and noodles... and cheesestrings... OH and a leopard print thong! HAHA! Pornoooo.

Shush don't tell him please!

Hope you are all well and whatnot.

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Pics [Thursday,
February 8th 2007 5:39]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Pictures from Chris' 19th birthday [Monday,
January 29th 2007 8:52]
Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out ♥Collapse )
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Mini Edition [Monday,
November 20th 2006 10:41]
[ mood | indifferent ]

So far have had 5 weeks of Uni and 3 weeks of placement at the lovely Airedale hospital, which it takes me only 2 hours to get to everyday *rolls eyes*. Done lots of x-rays and so far no repeats! *touches wood*.

Of late have been to many horrible metal gigs with walls of death (large groups of stupid boys separate the room into two halves then all run in jump into each other... 2 major injuries have been spotted by me so far) and sweatiness galore. Ick.

Saw Grease at the Grand for le 2 year anniversary of me and smelly Chris. Grease is indeed the word. Also got Calamity Jane on DVD... musical fest anyone?

Hope you are all well and whatnot. I keep reading your updates when I can!

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November 5th 2006 3:13]
Chard likes boys
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Verrrrry brief update. [Friday,
October 6th 2006 9:04]
Had a look through a couple of everyone's entries, glad to see you all seem to be doing okay. I'm in my second week of Uni now and even though it's completely knackering it's really ace. The course is really interesting if a little intense buuut today is Friday so pub tonight! Yay!

Robbie Williams was aaaaace as were Basement Jaxx. Orson were pretty cool too!

Anyway, off to get my Hep B jab and whatnot at Uni now so better get going... hm.

Keep in touch.

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Umm goodbye? [Saturday,
August 12th 2006 6:37]
Apologies to all you livejournal buddies who I love dearly, I have not been keeing up to date with all your entries, I've not even been updating myself.

I just don't get online half as much as I used to do and my computer will not let me on livejournal without crashing at least 5 times a minute. So I'm going to not be on livejournal for some time. Either until I get a new computer, get mine fixed, or manage to find the time at someone elses computer to get on. I'll try my best to get on as often as possible but I'm more likely to be on myspace, not because it's better. I hate myspace, eljay rocks/rocked my world but myspace crashes my computer alot less.

So add me on that www.myspace.com/twistedoriginal aaaand anyone who already has me added, COMMENT MEEEE!!

Or add me on msn cherry.pirate@hotmail.co.uk

Or add me on aim, I don't go on very often but that address is on my userinfo.

Anyway, I'll probably end up being back sooner than I think.

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Random Pictures [Friday,
July 14th 2006 3:55]
I had some of these on my camera and didn't realise they were there til I took the memory stick out.
Soooo random picture postage...

SpamspamspamspamCollapse )

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Life update. [Sunday,
July 2nd 2006 9:39]
[ mood | hot ]

So my life up until this week since my last (oh so long ago) udpate has been mainly exams, sleeping and attempting to revise for exams. Revision is the hardest thing in the world when you forgot to join the queue for motivation.

Halfway through the exams upon realising I was doing completely crappy (I originally thought I'd made a decent start with my English Literature but as I recall it was fairly empty and I wrote nothing on form.) I thought I don't even know if I want to go to University. It wasn't my first choice of course, I want to be a dentist. I'm in a relationship I guess I could probably be stable in for the rest of my life. And strangely I have been almost, and I stress almost craving children. This is the girl who hates kids and would never ever go through the trauma of having them for them to grow up and hate me. Tres peculiar.

Basically I figured that I could have a good life if I get a decent full time job and move out to live with Chris. Though he doesn't earn as much as would be comfortable (he's on minimum wage) I could do something to earn enough to keep us alive.

I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking a little extreme for a girl who is so young and has opportunities that many don't. Maybe I'll grow to love Radiography... maybe.

Anyway, the only exam that went well was my second English Literature exam, the synoptic paper. Representations of gender = best thing ever. And the poem (Lucy Grey/Gray by Wordsworth) was ace.

Apart from that I just finished Jane Eyre after being obsessed with it the past few days. I loved it. It's in my top five.
The look of Mr Rochester is just like Heathcliff in my head, but my mum says Oliver Reed played him in the film and, if he weren't dead, he sounds like a pretty good representation of him. But of course I'm biased as I think Oliver Reed was gorgeous and would probabl;y be brilliant as anything.

Hm. Sorry for essay friends list. If you even still read. Sorry for the terrible upkeep of my journal but I still keep up with all of your entries.

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Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy! [Saturday,
June 17th 2006 10:12]
Hey, today is Alan's birthday and seeing as he actually reads this occasionally...

Happy Birthday Alan!

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