Amy (scooch_over) wrote,

Umm goodbye?

Apologies to all you livejournal buddies who I love dearly, I have not been keeing up to date with all your entries, I've not even been updating myself.

I just don't get online half as much as I used to do and my computer will not let me on livejournal without crashing at least 5 times a minute. So I'm going to not be on livejournal for some time. Either until I get a new computer, get mine fixed, or manage to find the time at someone elses computer to get on. I'll try my best to get on as often as possible but I'm more likely to be on myspace, not because it's better. I hate myspace, eljay rocks/rocked my world but myspace crashes my computer alot less.

So add me on that aaaand anyone who already has me added, COMMENT MEEEE!!

Or add me on msn

Or add me on aim, I don't go on very often but that address is on my userinfo.

Anyway, I'll probably end up being back sooner than I think.

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