Amy (scooch_over) wrote,

Life update.

So my life up until this week since my last (oh so long ago) udpate has been mainly exams, sleeping and attempting to revise for exams. Revision is the hardest thing in the world when you forgot to join the queue for motivation.

Halfway through the exams upon realising I was doing completely crappy (I originally thought I'd made a decent start with my English Literature but as I recall it was fairly empty and I wrote nothing on form.) I thought I don't even know if I want to go to University. It wasn't my first choice of course, I want to be a dentist. I'm in a relationship I guess I could probably be stable in for the rest of my life. And strangely I have been almost, and I stress almost craving children. This is the girl who hates kids and would never ever go through the trauma of having them for them to grow up and hate me. Tres peculiar.

Basically I figured that I could have a good life if I get a decent full time job and move out to live with Chris. Though he doesn't earn as much as would be comfortable (he's on minimum wage) I could do something to earn enough to keep us alive.

I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking a little extreme for a girl who is so young and has opportunities that many don't. Maybe I'll grow to love Radiography... maybe.

Anyway, the only exam that went well was my second English Literature exam, the synoptic paper. Representations of gender = best thing ever. And the poem (Lucy Grey/Gray by Wordsworth) was ace.

Apart from that I just finished Jane Eyre after being obsessed with it the past few days. I loved it. It's in my top five.
The look of Mr Rochester is just like Heathcliff in my head, but my mum says Oliver Reed played him in the film and, if he weren't dead, he sounds like a pretty good representation of him. But of course I'm biased as I think Oliver Reed was gorgeous and would probabl;y be brilliant as anything.

Hm. Sorry for essay friends list. If you even still read. Sorry for the terrible upkeep of my journal but I still keep up with all of your entries.

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